Carpet will serve you well for years to come

Everyone knows that, as the only soft surface floor covering, carpet flooring offers luxurious underfoot softness and comfort that is simply unrivaled. This characteristic makes it perfect for homes with children, but there are plenty more benefits to make this flooring even more appealing. With modern manufacturing techniques, you can look forward to extensive durability, noise reduction, and heat retention. If you’ve never experienced brand new carpeting before, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the lines we offer. You might just find your next new flooring.

Carpet, and all that it offers your home

Now, more than ever before, you can find the exact look you want and need for your home. We offer a broad variety of solid color choices as well as a wealth of designs and patterns, for your perfect decor match. You can even choose a different color or pattern for every room. If permanent stains are a concern for you, simply ask about carpet choices with stain protection built right into the fiber. This assures that stains can’t soak into the fiber where it will create a lasting blemish. It also keeps odors from setting in, and never allows your flooring to take on an old, dingy look. During the winter months, your carpet, along with its underpadding, will serve you as another layer of insulation. The heat retention you’ll experience as a result keep your house much warmer, and you’ll see those results on your next energy bill. It also creates padding that helps soak up ambient sounds to create a completely peaceful environment. Even with pets, children, or guests in the home, you'll experience quiet like never before. Be sure to ask about carpet flooring installation with this product purchase. This way, you’ll be assured a perfect install and you’ll never have to worry about a voided warranty.

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At Rock Bottom Furniture and Flooring, our more than 40 years of flooring experience as a carpet flooring retailer means you’ll get exactly what you want and need. Our associates look forward to the opportunity to focus on your specific flooring project when you visit our Norwalk, CT showroom. From there, we proudly serve the communities of Norwalk, East Norwalk, Westport, Cranbury, and South Norwalk. Our dedicated professionals assure the best experience, from extensive material options to professional flooring services. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.